Here is a small library of memory management routines. I didnt know where to put them so I put it here in the algorithm section. (Not really an algo, but a library).

Anyway, the library is free to use in any way (including commercial) as long as I am not responsible for anyting done with it. Also because of lack of time it comes with no support. That does not mean that I dont want to hear about any bugs or comments. That means that I cannot guarantee a fast fix if a bug is found.

Anyway, I hope this library helps someone.
Posted on 2001-07-20 20:09:38 by dxantos
Where is this lib?
Posted on 2005-06-19 12:22:50 by ib386
hehe, this community have lost?? some data from some attacks to anterior software running the board... tought I think the anterior administrator and the new one perhaps hold a copy of all the anterior attachments, perhaps there is no way compatible fo reattach them to this board....
Posted on 2005-06-19 19:27:00 by rea