could some one please convert the tASM HideProc.asm to mASM HideProc.asm????? i really want to use this code but i know nothing about tASM. Please help me!!!!
Posted on 2001-06-15 11:38:00 by Phrostic
where is located?
Posted on 2001-06-15 13:08:00 by nop
Its in the source code section on
Posted on 2001-06-15 14:49:00 by Phrostic
my meaning is if you like to use it ,try to understand what it makes and you can port it to masm. but if you like to use the source only and make some trouble im shure you find no help here. i personal think that this src and the is not for public use ,but its iczelions page and not mine.
Posted on 2001-06-17 06:39:00 by anonymus
Phrostic, i am the author of hideproc.asm, and it is free for any use. but i hope peoples will use only for educational porpouses, inclusive becoz it was already used in a backdoor and in a virus, so, any code with it will be detected by antivirus programs as a virus. to compile it in masm, you will need minor changes in lots of places. the best, i think, is rewrite it from scratch, just using the ideas there. and please use it for a good porpouse... :cool:
Posted on 2001-06-17 11:36:00 by vecna