Hi :-) I like to get my Homepage Counter Stats ,so i dont must visit all my Pages. How can i send a comand to a CGI Script and Print out the Result in a Listbox ? Since im a Masm Newbie ,Help or Examples are needed ! Thanks
Posted on 2001-06-17 07:18:00 by CGI
Sorry, I don't have any examples, I'm just beginning with win32 assembly. I do have some years of experience with 8086 asm, perl, and cgi. I suggest look under the sources on Iczelion for applications that use the winsock api. Can you define what a list box is (ie a drop down, or more like the html tag
Posted on 2001-06-19 00:16:00 by eet_1024
Hello the listbox i mean is inside my masm program. i also read and try to understand the html tutorial from iczelion,but im unable to understand what i have to do. no 1 who can help me on this ? a simple way to read out the data from a cgi script and print out the value in a listbox. what i found here is a sample for downloading zip files and how to send a message to a guestbook,also i try the count.asm scr. but i need help and i hope to find the help here :-) Thanks
Posted on 2001-06-19 03:15:00 by CGI
You need to send a HTTP request to the server that requests the CGI-page. Variables can be sent with a GET or a POST request, depending on the type of CGI code, and in both cases the data is probably www-urlencoded. So you need to get used to the HTTP protocol (rfc2616, www.rfc-editor.org). However you might get into trouble when you need to login for your stats (you probably have to). Depending on the login method, this can be a little tricky. If it uses a standard-login screen (i.e. built in IE or Netscape), it's quite easy, but if it uses a login-screen in html, with a form, you'll have to deal with cookies etc. and that's not going to be fun. Thomas
Posted on 2001-06-19 03:59:00 by Thomas