Hi everybody. Several years ago I've made some algorythm for fast and secure encryption. It uses symmetric keys and simple rotation of bits. The password can be as long as the input data. The programs (encryption and decryption) are written in Asm for DOS, and this limits password length to 255 symbols. I'm not a good cracker, so I hadn't chance to test the strength of my algorythm. You can do this job for me - download the sources from "http://pws.prserv.net/neptun/PSW.ZIP" and test it.... I think it is a nice algorythm (at least for me).
Posted on 2001-06-30 03:47:00 by ivogelov
The random seed thing sounds great, But what if someone made a program to use different seeds to work on the data untill they came up with the currect seed??? best thing to do is to use many seeds, one seed for each type of encription method. you see you use a seed for the encriping and another random seed for the type of encripting to use. this way all thru the code not only id there a different DWORD used to incript with but also random XOR's, AND's, ADD's ect. that would make it even harder to get, I think.... Just my two sents.... Zcoder......
Posted on 2001-06-30 10:00:00 by Zcoder