Take a look at the following code. It's part of an NT service that is trying to install a WH_JOURNALRECORD hook. The problem is that after installing the service, I went to the service manager to start it manually. Well, all the windows locked up until I pressed ctrl-alt-del, which terminates the hook. When I commented out the call to SetWindowsHookEx, the service started without problems, so the problem is the hook. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going wrong? By the way, as you can see from my code, I tried this with my hook procedure doing nothing, except calling CallNextHookEx, and it still froze. Thread is the procedure called by the service, once it is running.

Thread	PROC param:DWORD
	mov	eax, 1F4h
	invoke	GlobalAlloc, GMEM_MOVEABLE or GMEM_ZEROINIT, eax
	.IF	eax == 0
		mov	MemFlag, 0
		mov	hMemory, eax
		invoke	GlobalLock, hMemory
		.IF	eax == 0
			mov	MemFlag, 0
			mov	MemFlag, 1
			mov	pMemory, eax
			mov	MemPTR, eax
			add	eax, 1F4h
			mov	MemTopPTR, eax
	invoke	InstallHook
	invoke	Sleep, 1000
	jmp	loop1
	xor	eax, eax
Thread	ENDP
InstallHook	PROC
	invoke	SetWindowsHookEx, WH_JOURNALRECORD, ADDR hookproc, hInstance, 0
	mov	hHook, eax
InstallHook	ENDP
hookproc    PROC	code:DWORD, wParam:DWORD, lParam:DWORD
	invoke	CallNextHookEx, hHook, code, wParam, lParam
hookproc	ENDP
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Posted on 2001-06-21 11:02:00 by Hel
Hey there Hel, Had the same problem. Wrote a simple keyboard hook, tested it from an app and it worked fine. Called it from a service and nothing seems to happen. I checked the SetWindowsHookEx function and it returns no error. But then the callback hook function never gets called. I haven't received any input regarding this from anyone. So, let's hope somebody knows something about this. Clark
Posted on 2001-06-25 00:29:00 by Superman_San
With this jmp loop1 it sleeps forever...
Posted on 2001-06-25 08:23:00 by buliaNaza
The interesting part is that this only happens with the journal hook. Before this, I tried a simple WH_KEYBOARD hook through a DLL and it worked fine except that every thread would get its own copy of the DLL and therefore it didn't work. That's when I realized why I should use a journal hook. The jmp loop1 doesn't make it sleep forever. That's the thing: that proc must not terminate. It gets terminated only when I terminate the service. That is just how nt services should be. It came straight from the NT service tutorial on Iczelion's page. Anyone, HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Would it work if I revert back to the WH_KEYBOARD hook and instead of writing to a file, I create a memory mapped file by calling the MapViewOfFileEx API and let every instance of the DLL access this one memory mapped file? Of course, I would have to use the registry or some other method to share the handle to the memory mapped file with every instance of the DLL.
Posted on 2001-06-26 10:31:00 by Hel
Hi Iczelions tut 24 states pretty clear that you have to share the memory betwwe all hook DLL's and any hook needs a method to comunicate with the main application (the one that sets the hook) That main Application should (only once write to the file) etc and also Uninstall the HOOK ;) InterCommunication between Hook DLL and the main App can be done in diffrent ways ...but the easy one involves sending an USER message w/wo parameters
Posted on 2001-06-26 21:52:00 by BogdanOntanu