is COM programming got anything to do with *.com files, or is it totally different? I don't want to start a flame.
Posted on 2001-06-21 15:09:00 by A.Nonymous
hmm I have my doubts about non-registered A.Nonymous who pose such a question and end with "not a flame" :D anyway go to the com subforum (to get a better view :)) and read all the posts. First post you'll see is "What is COM", which explains it all.
Posted on 2001-06-21 15:24:00 by Hiroshimator
No. COM is an abreviation for Common Object M(something). *.com file is a binary executable that run in a MS-DOS environment (including a V86 DOS box).
Posted on 2001-06-21 15:28:00 by eet_1024
M is for MOBILE! Oops, nah, that's for army MASH units. Ah, I got it: M is for MUMBLE Nope, nope, not that either... Ummm.... Oh. Component Object Model. That's it. :-)
Posted on 2001-06-21 17:40:00 by Ernie
didn't the M stand for MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMmmm donuts... :P
Posted on 2001-06-21 17:43:00 by Hiroshimator
Common Object Mmmmmmmmmm Donuts ? What an interesting perspective. In DOS, a COM file was originally an extension of the COMMAND file ( and they are direct memory images that run in a single segment with no DOS header at all. They were in their time a very flexible and powerful file type but they were limited to 64k absolute memory as dictated by the size of a DOS segment. Now you don't need to get indigestion eating donuts to catch up on the later stuff. Common Object Model (COM) is a late model Microsoft format for making "objects" available in a predictable way to different languages. (If you can beleive Microsoft, some of us more cynical people see it as another method used by Microsoft to try and take over the world). Best place to catch up on this technology is to visit "COM according to Murphy's Law" alias Ernie Murphy's COM in asm site. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-21 20:20:00 by hutch--
can many languages communicate through com in different operating system ? is Enterprise Java Beans have a related with com ? what is the more easier create com with visual c++ or masm32 ?
Posted on 2001-06-22 07:17:00 by newbies

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Posted on 2001-06-22 12:17:00 by disease_2000
What's your project disease_2000? acronim creation program? ;) Man, your so funny - bustin' my virtual gut everytime you type.
Posted on 2001-06-22 12:42:00 by bitRAKE

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I drop that little guy in some coffee, and he never has moved the same. :( The graphic is from a NeoGeo game camed Metal Slug. Fish is very good for you - especially salmon. I got a big project, too. I'll show you in a couple years. ;)
Posted on 2001-06-22 13:07:00 by bitRAKE
Newbie: "can many languages communicate through com in different operating system ? " Yes, of course. That was one of the reasons to invent COM. VB, VC, some forms of Java, Delphi, many others (even ASM) may communicate with each other thru COM interfaces "is Enterprise Java Beans have a related with com ? " I forget, MS did create something for Java to play, but I forget the name. "what is the more easier create com with visual c++ or masm32 ?" Beats me. If you're a better MASM coder then C++ coder, then MASM will be easier. That's true in my case. Your mileage may differ.
Posted on 2001-06-23 08:10:00 by Ernie
Hey Hiroshimator, That avataar of urs is wearing a diving suite. bitRAKE now u know who actually killed ur fish :D Hiro, U still have a mask on :D
Posted on 2001-06-24 00:41:00 by MovingFulcrum
Hi ernie thanks for your response. I have tried an visual c++ COM examples and read your example and i see that we must mastered to use both language. After i tried it for visual c there is so many wizard we can use and you code it explicitly in masm32. For programming logic i prefer to follow your step but for fastest using another language is not bad i guess. I am learning com and need good resources. can any body show the good site we can try from bottom to up for com,dcom or com+ examples ?
Posted on 2001-06-24 23:01:00 by newbies