Hi all, I've found some info on tree-view & List-view controls... Is there a TreeGrid control or HFlexGrid contol out there that can be used in asm? Thought I'd ask before I reinvent the wheel... I've got a project in mind where it'd be handy. :( lost all of my precious downloads (& everything else) while turning my home computer into a Win98/Linux dual boot system... & just, last night, got MASM back on the system... so please forgive if it's right before my eyes... they were blurry when I looked. rafe
Posted on 2001-06-22 12:35:00 by rafe
Oops! sorry to start some clutter... I see that in a previous post a Guru suggested writing one. So then, the 1st step on the journey is to write one. I'll use the JIT stategy used in Icz tute #35... blah blah. Now I'm starting to talk to myself again... & in public. Good thing you can't see the facial twitching & hear the Popeye voice that goes with it. Over & out (for now) rafe
Posted on 2001-06-22 13:27:00 by rafe