how can I make my own INC and LIB files from my selfmade written DLL? The DLL has over 100 functions and I want to use it in my ASM program...

Greetings, Nordwind
Posted on 2002-01-09 07:55:44 by Nordwind64
Should be able to make the LIB from the DEF with LINK.
The INC could be created by LIB2INC in the LIB dir of MASM32.
Posted on 2002-01-09 10:02:01 by bitRAKE
Thank you bitRAKE!

But there is an error: Library has no imports
The dll has an exportfile, ok, but import? What now???

Can you please help again?

Thanks, Nordwind
Posted on 2002-01-10 14:53:25 by Nordwind64