I'm trying to test if my cd drive is ready by using the SCSI_TST_U_RDY command so I can then set its speed and read from a cd. But it doesnt seem to be working even though I'm pretty sure the drive is ready. It starts of by initializing ASPI, then getting the host Id and target id (which was 0 and 0 and also confirmed to be correct). After which comes my problem with SC_EXEC_SCSI_CMD (ive tried skipping the tests and going straight to Setting the speed and that also doesnt work) These are my structures: SRB_ExecCmd STRUCT Cmd1 db ? Status db ? HostID db ? Flags db ? SRB_Hdr_Rsvd dd ? TargetID db ? LUN db ? SRB_Rsvdl dw ? BufferLength dd ? pDataBuffer dd ? SenseLength db ? CDBLength db ? HostStatus db ? TargetStatus db ? pPostRoutine dd ? Reserved db 20 dup(?) CDB db 16 Sense SenseData <> SRB_ExecCmd ENDS SenseData STRUCT Code db ? Unused db 11 dup(?) ASC db ? ASCQ db ? Unused_1 db 4 dup(?) SenseData ENDS And the code in which doesnt work: TestDrive proc PrintConsole "Test Unit Ready" memset offset cmd,0,sizeof SRB_ExecCmd ;clears the structure mov cmd.CDBLength,6 invoke ExecCom cmp eax,0 jne @F PrintConsole "Not Ready" @@: ;... ;After I try to Start/Stop it then I do 2 more of the above tests ;(I do this because I read that these commands should be used before ;sending other commands) all of these tests are executed if the same ;way (except a different command to start/stop) and they all fail ;... ret TestDrive endp ExecCom proc LOCAL Status:DWORD LOCAL hevent:DWORD invoke CreateEvent,0,1,0,0 mov hevent,eax cmp eax,0 jne @F xor eax,eax ret @@: mov al,HOST_ID ;Host ID=0 mov cmd.HostID,al mov al,TARGET_ID ;Target ID=0 mov cmd.TargetID,al mov al,LUN_ID ;LUN ID=0 mov cmd.LUN,al mov cmd.Cmd1,2 ;2=SC_EXEC_SCSI_CMD mov cmd.Flags,40h ;40h=SRB_EVENT_NOTIFY push hevent pop cmd.pPostRoutine mov cmd.SenseLength,sizeof SenseData invoke ResetEvent,hevent push offset cmd call SendASPI32Command mov Status,eax cmp Status,0 je @F invoke WaitForSingleObject,hevent,INFINITE @@: cmp cmd.Status,1 je @F xor eax,eax ret @@: invoke CloseHandle,hevent ret ExecCom endp I've been looking through the "ASPI for Win32 Technical Reference", through mmc-r10a.pdf and through the ASPI SDK's sample source but I can't spot my problem. Anyone know what is wrong here or know of any other information/source code I could look at?
Posted on 2001-06-25 02:13:00 by Elecon
I am no expert on hardware, but if the CD is an int 13h type of device, then maybe DeviceIoControl can do it. I got that function to read and write a floppy and a hard disk (after some trial and error in undocumented waters), and I think a variation could get the ready-state as well. The demo source is at www.hammick.com/hcs/diskio.asm.
Posted on 2001-06-25 18:18:00 by Larry Hammick