How can i split window in two parts like in Explorer? (wndsplitter) This message was edited by norman, on 6/25/2001 5:38:16 AM
Posted on 2001-06-25 05:29:00 by norman
they aren't really splitted there are just two windows of two different classes. it's like creating one static and one edit control on a window. it looks like it is splitted but there are just two different controls, got it?
Posted on 2001-06-25 05:39:00 by [-alloces-]
Thank you. How can I create specifying of the size of each pane by the user by dragging a split-bar. Do(es) you (anybody) know, where I can find any examples for it (ASM, c, c++ (without mfc))? This message was edited by norman, on 6/25/2001 10:02:49 AM
Posted on 2001-06-25 09:46:00 by norman
you just need to create a window and make it act like a splitter. Ernie as a nice example, check it here: well i just tried and it seems the server is down.. (try later).

Posted on 2001-06-25 11:58:00 by ensein
AsmEdit on my site has horizontal and vertical splitter bars. There are several different ways that you can split the controls and accomplish the same thing. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-25 14:54:00 by Ewayne
here is a link for an explorer-like sample (treeview, listview, statusline, toolbar). its written in C++, but its only 1 relatively small source file and 1 class. japheth This message was edited by japheth, on 6/28/2001 2:54:04 AM
Posted on 2001-06-26 03:09:00 by japheth
I have two sample programs on my web site. One has one Splitter bar and the other has four Splitter bars. The one with four Splitter bars gets a little involved. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-28 02:40:00 by Ewayne