I encounterd a problem in Windows.inc. I declared a structure variable of the RASDEVINFO structure declare in windows.inc but got an error. When i checked the windows.inc file i noticed the statement was as follows RASDEVINFO EQU RASDEVINFOA so i changed it to RASDEVINFO EQU and then it worked fine. Is this an error in the masm32 header or is there some other way to do this. I have installed service pack 2 of masm32. Clark
Posted on 2001-06-25 09:03:00 by Superman_San
you've found a bug in the windows.inc. it was suppose to have the < > around it in the first place. all that line does is makes it easier for you when you code so you dont have to put an A at the end of RASDEVINFO every time you type it out. it just basically a convenience. your code would have worked with you had used the A at the end of RASDEVINFO. smurf
Posted on 2001-06-25 09:19:00 by smurf
You can find a tidied-up windows.inc here: www.hammick.com/hcs/WINDOW_T.ZIP which I based on iczelion's from this board, correcting that error and a few others, removing duplicated lines, and uniformizing the notation.
Posted on 2001-06-25 13:56:00 by Larry Hammick