Ok, I found an idea floating around the net on how to remove banners, its based on binding well known adserver names to (in your host. file). The guys that suggested this seemed to think it was a great idea, however since I am using ie4 I get this "cant connect" popup for every blocked banner, which is way worse. So I made I very small tray application that acts as a http server, only thing is no matter what users request, it returns a blank 250 byte gif. This made it kinda slick, but I was wondering... Is it possible to assign ips for domain names at runtime? From the program instead of having to add tons to the hosts. file? Any ideas welcome
Posted on 2001-06-26 18:17:00 by Ahner
Use a firewall called At Guard. It has built in ad blocking, and will even block the Threads on this forum:

It matchs key phrases in the url.
Posted on 2001-06-26 22:43:00 by eet_1024