I have a scroll bar control on a form. Why the form receives WM_VSCROLL message twice when I click on the scroll bar? And has anybody a sample of using scroll bar control?
Posted on 2001-06-27 23:42:00 by vkim
You get WM_VSCROLL when you slide the "thumb" and again when you release the thumb. There might be other cases of more than enough messages. You probably want to handle only these cases of loword(wParam): 0=SB_LINEUP 1=SB_LINEDOWN 2=SB_PAGEUP 3=SB_PAGEDOWN 4=SB_THUMBPOSITION (on release of thumb) 5=SB_THUMBTRACK I put together a demo: www.hammick.com/hcs/scroll.zip
Posted on 2001-06-28 02:27:00 by Larry Hammick
Thanks a lot, Larry Hammick! Your reply and sample are very useful for me!
Posted on 2001-06-28 04:43:00 by vkim