Anyone have example code, or can show me an example of how I should edit this PE File? I am wanting to change it, with an edit PE file. From 'Hello' to 'Bye'. No fancy GUI is needed. Just curious. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Jumpsteady .Data Cap db "Message...",0 Hello db "Hello!",0 Bye db "GoodBye!",0 .Code Start: Invoke MessageBox, NULL, addr Hello, addr Cap, MB_OK ;I want to change this ---------^ to Bye Invoke ExitProcess, NULL ;How can i edit the Message.exe PE? End Start
Posted on 2001-06-28 01:39:00 by Jumpsteady44
use a hexeditor
Posted on 2001-06-28 07:42:00 by _drcmda
No no, you totally missed what i was saying. See, i want to WRITE my own program to do these changes. Everyone has seen it done before and know what i'm talking about. But i'm curious as to how it's done. ok. Overall: I want to write a program to change my program after it's been assembled. A program that will change something minute like a db in the .data section.
Posted on 2001-06-28 10:09:00 by Jumpsteady
Open up your exe in "Quick Editor", and change the value at 00000408 to "12" (instead of "0B"). This will change the value pushed onto the stack from the address of the text "Hello!" to the address of "GoodBye!".

 00000000                            .Data
 00000000 4D 65 73 73 61 67 65       Cap db "Message...",0
          2E 2E 2E 00
 0000000B 48 65 6C 6C 6F 21 00       Hello db "Hello!",0
 00000012 47 6F 6F 64 42 79 65       Bye db "GoodBye!",0
          21 00

 00000000                            .Code
 00000000                            Start:

                                     Invoke MessageBox, 0, addr Hello, addr Cap, 0
 00000000   1   6A 00           *     push +000000000h
 00000002   1   68 00000000 R   *     push OFFSET Cap
 00000007   1   68 0000000B R   *     push OFFSET Hello
 0000000C   1   6A 00           *     push +000000000h
 0000000E   1   E8 00000000 E   *     call MessageBoxA
                                     Invoke ExitProcess, 0
 00000013   1   6A 00           *     push +000000000h
 00000015   1   E8 00000000 E   *     call ExitProcess
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Posted on 2001-06-28 10:49:00 by Mirno
hi jumpsteady... sorry now i know what you meant. your task seems very easy to me - all you have to do is learn the pe-header basics and find the data section then you can change what you want... wait two or three hours and i paste the source to do this because now i want to watch tv :)
Posted on 2001-06-28 15:31:00 by _drcmda
ok i forget that my computer is at work right now so i had to write this from mind so expect some debugging time =) the following prog should do exactly what you want it opens your helloworld.exe - searches for the data section (if it does not work you should search the bug on this pos at first) and overwrites your "hello" string with "bye".

.model      flat, stdcall
option      casemap:none
include     \masm32\include\
include     \masm32\include\
includelib  \masm32\lib\kernel32.lib

            filename        db "HelloWorld.exe",0

	    string          db "bye",0

	    stringlen	    equ 4 ;len of asciiZ
            fHandle         dd ?
            MapOfs          dd ?
            FileSize        dd ?
            mHandle         dd ?
        invoke  CreateFile,addr filename,GENERIC_READ+GENERIC_WRITE,
        cmp     eax,-1
        jz      closef
        mov     fHandle,eax

        invoke  GetFileSize,fHandle,NULL
        mov     FileSize, eax          

        invoke  CreateFileMapping,fHandle,NULL,PAGE_READWRITE,0,eax,NULL
        mov     mHandle,eax
        invoke  MapViewOfFile,eax,FILE_MAP_WRITE,0,0,FileSize
        mov     MapOfs,eax            
        mov     edx, eax

        cmp     word ptr ,'ZM' ;executable file?
        jnz     closef

        add     edx, ;get pe header ofs

        cmp     word ptr ,'EP' ;win32 pe file?
        jnz     closef

	mov	esi,edx
    	add     esi,18h ;add len of image file header
    	add     esi, ;get len of optional header

	mov	ecx, ;get number of sections
__loop:	cmp	dword ptr ,"tad." ;data section?
	jz	found
	add	esi,28h ;next section
	dec	ecx
	jnz	_loop
	jmp	closef
found:	mov	edi, ;get filebased rva
	add	edi,edx ;align it to the filebase
	add	edi,11  ;Cap db "Message...",0 = 11 bytes next one
			;("Hello",0) should be overwritten with "bye",0
	mov	esi,offset string
        or      dword ptr ,0A0000020h ;sec=CERW is think
	mov	ecx,stringlen
	rep 	movsb ;write new string to there
        invoke  UnmapViewOfFile,MapOfs
        invoke  CloseHandle,mHandle
        invoke  CloseHandle,fHandle
        invoke ExitProcess,0
end	start
Posted on 2001-06-28 16:39:00 by _drcmda