Hi, I can't get the point: what is the main difference between TASM 5.0 LIB files and MASM (6--32) LIB files? Frankly, I prefer TASM to MASM, at the same time I want to use the MASM32 LIB files. How can I manage this?
Posted on 2001-06-28 11:09:00 by Diamond
Basically you have to write your own as the binary formats are not the same. Borland still use OMF where MASM uses COFF. This should not be all that hard to do if you are willing to port them across from MASM to TASM but you will need to understand both types of code well to do it. Regards & Good luck. hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-06-28 22:52:00 by hutch--
There are two choices I know about. 1) Use Microsoft's linker. It will convert OMF to COFF before linking. The COFF version will not be saved. 2) Use ALINK. It uses OMF without conversion. It's free. And there is source code for it.
Posted on 2001-07-02 22:14:00 by tank