Hutch, I'm just wondering whether u can allow "undo" to be performed at an infinite number of times or not. Example: I have deleted line 1 of my code. Then, i go on to delete line2. With the current function of "undo", we can only retrieve line2, but not line1. So, could it be done, such that when we are deleting line100, we can still get back line1?
Posted on 2001-06-28 13:47:00 by JCL
You can do that right now, it's called "save often and use a versioning system". CVS will beat any undo function :) Personally I think that hutch will tell you that it will make it all too large since he's very careful about the executable's size. This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 6/28/2001 2:53:53 PM
Posted on 2001-06-28 14:53:00 by Hiroshimator
JCL, The level of UNDO is controlled by the version of rich edit control that is used in qeditor, I have stayed with riched32.dll which is version 1 because it is both a lot faster and because it is a true ASCII edit control. It will run on earlier versions of windows that don't have the later versions 2 or 3. In the example code for MASM32 is a working skeleton of a rich text editor that is designed to be customised to the users taste. when you are satisfied that you are advanced enough, you can tailor the example to do exactly what you want. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-28 22:26:00 by hutch--
Hiro, what's a versioning system? I know about saving often but not versioning system. Hutch, pardon me for asking(treat like a real newbie!), what's a rich text editor or rich text? And about the example code for MASM, is it along with the package? Where do i find it? Hmm...Sorrie, as the above questions really sound easy and simple.
Posted on 2001-06-29 12:40:00 by JCL
Just one thing I would like to mention about Quick Editor, as it bugs me quite often and fits in with the true ascii coment, is when I paste anything from a different edit control into Quick Editor, the Rich Edit control retains the previous font with no way to change the font without saving and reloading. >Thanks
Posted on 2001-06-29 23:24:00 by George
JCL what Hiroshimator means by versioning system is every time you save your saving a new file and not overwriting the previous save. what i do is make a folder on my desktop named backup and everytime i modify my program i will go into my backup folder and create a new folder. in each new folder i make i store a newer version of my program. each time a new folder is created windows names it incrementally such as new folder(1), new folder(2) and so on. amurf
Posted on 2001-06-30 00:18:00 by smurf
JCL, A rich edit control is a system component in Windows, early versions of win95 had riched32.dll which is richedit version 1, later version and upgrades have riched20.dll as well which gives you both riched 2 and 3 depending on the date of the upgrade. Richedit 1 is faster and a true ascii editor where riched 2-3 has some extended functionality like the multiple level UNDO that you asked about. For an editor like qeditor.exe, it is important that it runs on most versions of Windows and that it is fast in what it does so riched 1 is better suited to its design. When you get a bit more experience, have a look in the EXAMPLE code with MASM32 at the riched example, its functional as it is and was designed to be customised to suit individual tastes. George, There is not a lot I can do about the font characteristics and colour as it is built into the OLE component of a rich edit control. I have kept tweaking the editor to close off other ways of pasting in the text but drag and drop for example has no interface to change that I can find. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-30 03:07:00 by hutch--
Thanx hutch for the explanation and Smurf too. I have another simple question. :P I often see *.dll files. I believe they are important. But what does they actually do and control? Is it that all.dll files have something to do with windows? (just a guess from rich32.dll)
Posted on 2001-06-30 15:29:00 by JCL
you need wincvs under windows. Get it at the official CVS GUI site
Posted on 2001-07-01 07:01:00 by Hiroshimator