hi all, i need just a little help on floating: first i do SCANF and i get a flot REAL4 from a string buffer that contain for example 50.20 then i mul (fmul) it for a REAL8 102.0 Then i do SPRINTF and i get 5120.400078 number as string in my string buffer. Why i have the final 78 ??? It don't seems a buffer reset problem, i've try zeroing it with ZeroMemory. It seems a float calculation problem.
Posted on 2001-06-29 02:01:00 by angelo
The only suggestion I can make is to try it with the StrToFloat and FloatToStr procedure that come in the masmlib with masm32. You'll find a full explanation on how to use them int the masmlib.hlp file. If they produce the correct result then its a problem with the routines your using, otherwise it could be an accuracy deviation. Try using real8 instead of real4 for the constant.
Posted on 2001-06-29 05:14:00 by Zadkiel