first of all, i've searched through for the opengl documenation (found a few). but i just don't know where to get the library files to work with in assembly... anyone here who have worked with opengl and know where i can get the file (such as *.dll and *.lib) so that i can use it in masm. thanx for reading. (i've been searching for it lately, couldn't find much)...
Posted on 2001-07-01 04:51:00 by disease_2000
just look at, he as down very good tuts. And I translated the begining to asm. You can also also look what i've down at, it's old but still interesting. (s)
Posted on 2001-07-01 05:44:00 by (scalp)
thanx alot! you saved my a**. cool site! when you code in OpenGL, is like you're coding graphics using 16bit assembly (in that, you code everything yourself, the graphics coding i mean). anyway, take care. i will be quite busy with that site and with some MMX that i'm into at the moment. This message was edited by disease_2000, on 7/1/2001 6:29:01 AM
Posted on 2001-07-01 06:08:00 by disease_2000
Disease, once you get scalps code working, and in credit to the guy its very well written. Here are two links that will help you in OpenGL. The OpenGL Man Pages for a full description of all OpenGL commands. And The OpenGL forum, perhaps the only other decent forum on the net after this one. well maybe thas a bit extreem.
Posted on 2001-07-03 13:27:00 by Zadkiel
Another link :
Posted on 2001-07-03 14:44:00 by karim
thanx alot! those site that you can send is a plus! (i don't know what more to say).
Posted on 2001-07-03 16:32:00 by disease_2000