What is the CPU mode to enable SIMD extensions ? ( it must be .something) ? Thanks
Posted on 2001-07-02 11:40:00 by karim
To use SIMD place .xmm in the header of your asm file. If you are using SIMD2 on the Pentium 4 it is a good idea to install the processor pack that Microsoft has which among other things upgrades MASM to 6.15
Posted on 2001-07-02 14:37:00 by Chris
Posted on 2001-07-02 14:42:00 by karim
You also must remember to check for processor support before you start using SIMD instructions. And it's worth to note that they require OS support as well, and win95 doesn't handle this.
Posted on 2001-07-03 18:33:00 by f0dder