normally, in win32 programming, we tend to have DWORD as our data type for most of the API that we wants to proto. the questioin i have now is: is DWORD a must? can we use BYTE? is there any difference in:

 WinMain proto:dword, :dword, :dword, :dword

 WinMain proto:dword, :byte, :real8, real4 <---- is it legal?
?? if for example:

 disease (real8 height, real8 width)

 and i want to make a prototype of that
 in asm.  how do i go about doing it?
 will DWORD do it? or do i have to give
 exact data type? such as real8 in this
does the data type must be EXACT? if so, then that answered my question.
Posted on 2001-07-02 22:33:00 by disease_2000
It's best to use DWORD arguments to keep the stack aligned. But your arguments must have the same size, you can't use DWORD in place of REAL8.
Posted on 2001-07-03 03:14:00 by karim