I just restyled a utility I've been using for some time, called IDEBar. I'm using ultraedit for programming and I think it's one of the best editors in the world. And although some good IDEs are being coded, I haven't found one yet that fits my requirements, or have an editor that is as powerfull as ultraedit or other commercial editors. On the other hand I don't want to write my own IDE, so I wrote something else. IDEBar gives you an appbar on the right of the screen with a toolbar with build/make/open source folder etc buttons. It has simple project management and reads all project information from an INI file. This allows you to use your favorite editor in combination with a nice development toolbar. The download below is a beta, it has some functions not implemented yet. Future functions are: menu with the source files to open them, resource button, hotkeys, help files button.Donwload it here Full source is included too so you can customize it according to your needs. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, Thomas
Posted on 2001-07-03 07:50:00 by Thomas
I've found an editor some day's ago, wich easiliy beats Ultraedit. EditPro! (www.serpik.com/editpro) Download the trial and test it! It's great! (the column selection is perfect for some coding tasks) But that's just my opinion ;)
Posted on 2001-07-03 13:49:00 by bazik
thomas i really like your program. i too use ultraedit for alot of my coding. i think you really have style when i comes to the visual aspects of your programs. whenever i tinker with programs you have designed i find myself saying .... "man this is pretty cool looking" . it appears not many people have much feedback on this program. but i guarentee that alot of people will be using it once you've completed it. later smurf
Posted on 2001-07-06 02:20:00 by smurf
:cool: Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like it. Thomas
Posted on 2001-07-06 15:42:00 by Thomas