Hello how can i make my MessageBoxes Stay on Top ? I use a Dialog who stand on Top and if now a MessageBox pop up i dont see it because its behind the Stay on Top Dialog :( cu
Posted on 2001-07-04 02:41:00 by CodeMonkey
CodeMonkey, Try making the message box Application Modal, or System Modal (overkill I think) use MB_APPMODAL or MB_SYSTEMMODAL as part of the type. umbongo
Posted on 2001-07-04 04:35:00 by umbongo
Hello Coder Thanks for the Answer, my foult was i use > invoke messagebox,0.... i had to write > invoke messagebox,hwnd..... the maindialog (hwnd) i had allready set to SYSTEMMODAL :-) cu
Posted on 2001-07-04 10:10:00 by CodeMonkey