this is my first time actually drawing a line using LineTo api. i have no idea of changing the pen color. i've tried CreatePen, but just don't know where exactly it should go...
Posted on 2001-07-04 12:03:00 by disease_2000
off the top of my head, I should think you have to use CreatePen to *create* then pen, and SelectObject to select the pen into your Device Context. Always remember to save the return value of SelectObject (the old object), and re-select the old object when you're done, or you will get nasty leaks. GDI leaks on w9x = BSOD. Very quickly.
Posted on 2001-07-04 12:28:00 by f0dder
it works, thanx! no pixel were harm in the making.
Posted on 2001-07-04 18:18:00 by disease_2000