This should be easy for someone to answer. I currently use NASM for the simple fact that i cannot find 'MASM'. Where is it? I downloaded the WIN98DDK and i have ml.exe ect... now what? Do i write the code in a text file and then pass it ml.exe as an argument? Is there an actual MASM retail product i can buy? Help would be much appreciated. "Its Not A Tumor"
Posted on 2001-07-06 12:38:00 by BrainTumor
get it here
Posted on 2001-07-06 13:57:00 by karim
not looking for MASM32 - i'm looking for micosofts product MASM 6.x. Anywho nevermind. I figured out the syntax for ml.exe and got it working from the win98ddk. Thanks for the quick reply anyway though.
Posted on 2001-07-06 14:04:00 by BrainTumor
MASM == MASM32 It's all the same. The package at hutch's Homepage is just a complete package with all include's, lib's, examples, tutorials and a good texteditor. Check it out!
Posted on 2001-07-06 14:26:00 by bazik
"I see", said the blindman as he picked up his hammer and saw. it even has a built in editor. I'm well on my way now. Thanks again
Posted on 2001-07-06 15:52:00 by BrainTumor