hum i use a resource editor borland 4.5 or sumtin so when i ask you guys questions you' all answer in some way advanced form that i have no clue in what ur talking about so if you can help me with my use wit the resource editor then reply. ok i have put a list box into my dialog its a drop down list and the resource editor will not let me add words or whatever to that list so i need to know how to code those into my list that i have created with the resource editor if you could give meeh some simple way to do this i would be grateful thanks laterZ
Posted on 2001-07-06 14:55:00 by sToNeRiFiK
sToNeRiFiK, The old Borland 4.5 is not compatible with the RC.EXE from MASM, I would advise you to get a later resource editor, you can get one from my site at download the file NRE.EXE. What you are trying to do is not as simple as you think it is, in a resource editor, you draw the dialog and controls that you want on it. Filling a list box or combo box is done in CODE, not in the resource editor. When you can get the dialog up and displayed properly, people here will help you to load the list if you need it. Regards,
Posted on 2001-07-07 03:17:00 by hutch--
heya ive already been able to get the dialogs to complie and show up wit that resource editor. Thats not the problem im having. But i will download your program. What does it do anywayZ? Is it like another resource editor?? well ill check yallZ laterZ
Posted on 2001-07-07 10:04:00 by sToNeRiFiK