I am trying to put together a general logging function that will format a string and output it to a file. Idealy I would like to be able to just send a string directly to the function, but I can''t get it to compile. Here is the function, prototype, and how I am trying to use itl TB3DLogMessage proc C string:DWORD, vars:VARARG LOCAL msg_buf:BYTE ;## Format the message invoke FormatMessage, FORMAT_MESSAGE_ALLOCATE_BUFFER or FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_STRING,string, NULL, NULL, ADDR msg_buf,NULL, ADDR vars ... TB3DLogMessage endp ;Note that TB3DLogString is simply DB "%s",0 invoke TB3DLogMessage, ADDR TB3DLogString,ADDR "TEST %d",1
Posted on 2001-07-06 22:40:00 by [=CC=]AMBUSH