Hi, I have some questions about programming with the FPU: 1) How can i put real numbers in a variable?(like mov a,0.3 but that doesn''t work) 2) How can i display a real number to a user? wsprintf doesn''t have that format descriptor.. :confused: 3) Which is the best real type? i use REAL4 I want to calculate PI to like 10 digits, I have done that with c++ and now im trying to port that to ASM Tanks, Jan
Posted on 2001-07-07 05:44:00 by Jan
check out this old(still alive) thread. 1: http://www.hiroshimator.com/asmcommunity/messageboard/ShowMsg.asp?ThreadID=2803&ForumID=14&PDays=30 the reason masm doesn''t allow you to move real value into mem or register is because real4 are too big for just one move instruction. if they did implement such algorithm, some might not like it, instead you can actually create your own macro to do such task. 2: i believe there''s a macro somewhere in c:\masm32\m32lib folder that has routine to convert real to string so that you can display it through a messagebox or..., you name it. 3: i would go for real8.
Posted on 2001-07-07 06:00:00 by disease_2000