My machine problem is to make a game of Hangman implemented in assembly language.

The specification of the program is for the the random words (to be used in the game) to come from an external word database (text file named worddb.txt).

How is that possible? How am I going to access and read the values in the an external file and incorporate it in my game?

I really have no clue. I am a beginner in assembly programming.

And if you know any website on this, it will be a big help.

p.s im using tasm.
Posted on 2007-08-29 06:53:32 by zellie
Sounds like a homework assignment to me.
A good place to start For opening and reading files, is to check the following windows api's out at MSDN:
CreateFile and ReadFile
Posted on 2007-08-29 09:31:20 by rags
but it also works with dos interrupt 21h
Posted on 2007-08-29 13:13:33 by baccardi

If you have the time, I really recommend reading Art of Assembly, the "DOS 16-bit Edition" in your case.
Posted on 2007-08-29 19:55:20 by SpooK
I guess somebody should have spent more time in class :)
Posted on 2007-08-30 02:47:17 by f0dder

I guess somebody should have spent more time in class :)

OTOH, not every class/teacher is of quality... some don't even offer, in text or links, the FM in RTFM.
Posted on 2007-08-30 18:11:12 by SpooK