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I'm wondering if anyone knows if any good books on Win32 assembly using MASM are available yet?

I bought "The Assembly Language Master Book" which is pretty good, but it doesn't use Masm's simplified syntax which effectively doubled the amount of pages of the book and is a big headache to type the examples.

I also got the "Visual C++ (2003) Optimization with Assembly Code" book which doesn't focus on pure Masm programming and is a bit advanced.

Is Iczelion's tutorials still the only "complete" guide to targeting the Win32 API using Masm?

Posted on 2007-09-27 20:30:15 by Masmer

    I had good results with Charles Petzold's Programming Windows, 5th edition, "The definitive guide to the Win32 API".  The examples are in plain C language, so I translated them into MASM.  It was good practice and exercise.  Ratch
Posted on 2007-09-28 14:44:48 by Ratch
Thanks Ratch,

I have the 3rd edition "Programming Windows 95" which I have worked through translating a few chapters into Masm 6.x.

Years ago there were people here (there I mean) that talked about writing a book for novices that worked through the basics using simplified syntax of Masm before getting deeper into targeting the Win32 API. I was hoping one was available now.

I'm going to be trying to get rid of a number of old (collectible?) assembly language books on eBay that mainly deal with 16-bit DOS programming using Masm, Tasm, and Nasm (and many Win32 API C programming books) and wanted to replace them with something more modern that I can sit down and focus working through.

These are just the assembly language books I own. My Win32 API collection is just as big.

Master Class Assembly Language
Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language
Assembly Language for Real Programmers Only
Mastering Turbo Assembler, 2nd Edition
The Assembly Programming Master Book (I might keep this one)
Visual C++ Optimization with Assembly Code
Microsoft Macro Assembler Bible (1st and 2nd editions, one of which I might keep)
Assembly Language Step-by-Step, 2nd Edition
Assembler Inside and Out (I might keep this one)
Using Assembly Language, 2nd Edition
Assembly Language - Programming for the IBM PC Family, 3rd Edition
Advanced Assembly Language
Assembly Language for the PC, 3rd Edition
8088/8086, 80286, 80386, and 80486 Assembly Language Programming
C with Assembly Language
Assembly Language for Pascal Programmers
8088/8086/80286 Assembly Language
IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming, 4th Edition
The 80x86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers (Volume I & II & Lab Manual) - Assembly Language, Design, and Interfacing, 2nd Edition
Masm 6.1 Manuals (all)
Masm 5.0 Manuals (all)
IA-32 Intel Architecture Manuals (all)
AMD x86-64 Architecture manuals (all)
Posted on 2007-09-28 19:45:54 by Masmer