Now you can use this XML Components in your objasm32 programs. This Module is include CXMLDocument and CXMLNode objects.
I hope this can be usefull for masm32 developers. enjoy it.

Posted on 2007-09-30 10:08:20 by veri@
Thanks for the example showing the use of XML in OA32 objects a suggestion.

Please comment the code so it could be understood a little easier .
No comments makes it harder for people to understand.
Thanks again,
Posted on 2007-09-30 18:26:53 by rags
hi Veri@
Wow, cool work.  8)
I think this code can be of use for some projects.
Reading the XMLDocument.inc file I noticed that you used coinvoke rather than ICall for your COM calls. Do you feel more comfortable doing so?

Thanks for sharing your project!  :thumbsup:


Posted on 2007-10-01 00:52:16 by Biterider
Hi Veri@
I read your code a little deeper and found that your objects donít derive from any other like Primer. In that case, you are creating your own primer object and you have to follow some simple rules:

  • the destructor method MUST be the first defined method.

  • it MUST be named Done.

  • it MUST be a StaticMethod.

Otherwise you will become troubles destroying dynamically allocated objects.

My suggestion here is to derive at least from Primer or Streamable.


Posted on 2007-10-02 00:45:21 by Biterider
Yeah, bad form.. if its a public object, inherit from somethin that already exists.
Only do the naughty if its private stock.
I guess you're yet to learn what the pOwner field in Primer is for.
Posted on 2007-10-02 02:43:02 by Homer
Hi to all
Ok, I do it later. I am a lazy man about commenting.
Thanks alot for your helps and suggestions. in objasm32 rules, you are boss. I will change Done method position later.
And a special thanks for your work for develpoing objasm32.
I cant do anything about my bad form, because its derived from my bad soul and evile mind. be tolerance about it.  ;)

Posted on 2007-10-02 04:35:31 by veri@