the last weeks I was working on a new control I needed for a CAD application where elements ware organized in a well defined structure.
The (MS) TreeView  control was my first choice but unfortunately it was not able to perform quickly with such a big amount of data, so I decided to recode it from scratch in form of an ObjAsm32 object. This object called XTreeView can handle millions of nodes without a noticeable response delay and has full control of the rendering process, which allows you to add to the nodes whatever you want.

As a nice side effect, I coded a derived object called XPropertyTree to show and edit application variables of several different types.

In the attachment you can find 2 test applications showing these new objects and their source code. The source code of test apps is also available on demand. The complete code will be added to the next OA32 release.

Feedback will be appreciated.  ;)


Posted on 2007-10-04 02:52:22 by Biterider
        Very nice work. Both demos work fine on my system.
Posted on 2007-10-04 08:40:42 by rags
Sourcecode for the PropertyTree demo testbed please?
Posted on 2007-10-04 13:56:39 by Homer
Hi Homer
Here it is... paths perhaps may be adjusted for your installation.


Posted on 2007-10-04 15:35:56 by Biterider