As Halloween is coming up I wonder what some of you guys will be dressing up as? (For the ones who don't celebrate Halloween describe what you went during Carnival/Fastnacht, etc).

Two years ago I was Herman Munster but people kept calling me Frankenstein :( Last year in a last minute decision I bought some dreadlocks and a pirate costume and went as Jack Sparrow. This year my family is in complete theme of "Nightmare before Christmas" and I'll go as "Jack Skelington", my wife as "Sally", my oldest daughter as "The Corpse Bride", the youngest as a skeleton and my oldest son as a "Little Leager" (Those who saw the movie "Hocus Pocus" will get that joke.

Halloween is one of my favs.... wasn't that much a fan of dressing up when I was living in Europe but here I am the first to order my costume. It's probably the candy-initiative which motivates me like that.

Anyone ever been to Salem, MA on Halloween? Crazy stuff... the whole town is pretty much dressed up. A fun thing to do see if you're around.
Posted on 2007-10-19 09:17:23 by JimmyClif
Maybe we should all go as pirates. :lol:
Posted on 2007-10-19 10:43:24 by bitRAKE
some of us are already pirates (probably) ;p
Posted on 2007-10-20 11:21:26 by evlncrn8
I work in the Health care Field and this is what I'd like to see:
Posted on 2007-10-20 12:32:18 by JimmyClif
I try not to work, that's why I own the company.
Posted on 2007-10-21 06:57:32 by Homer

I try not to work, that's why I own the company.
If you ever need any employees to not work for you then just let me know! (c:
Posted on 2007-10-21 13:23:43 by bitRAKE