I've been researching on windows native api lately.But I've found that the mystery that surround the native api is not worth it because most of the working of the native api can be achieved through the use of win32 api(since each win32 api ultimately calls native api(s) to do the work).

kernel32.dll(wrapper over ntdll.dll)==calls some module in==>ntdll.dll(contains native api)==use SYSENTER==>use interrupt to communicate with hardware.

Still there are a few native api that has no counterpart in win32 api.Is there some link or book that lists this kind of api(s).
Can the readers of the thread post the native api(s) that have no counterpart in win32 api ?
Posted on 2007-11-12 12:55:54 by shakuni
Posted on 2007-11-12 15:12:10 by SpooK
Answering the question of the thread topic, "Why Use Native APIs": because sometimes you have.

There's no reason whatsoever when you're doing normal apps and there's a WIN32 equivalent, you won't be able to measure a performance difference, etc. And WIN32 apps need kernel32.dll, so you can't get rid of that baggage by using native APIs.

Boot-time applications can't use win32 api, though, iirc.
Posted on 2007-11-13 08:46:51 by f0dder