I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day. I managed to do just one plate of food.

My connect speed has dropped from 48K to 28K for some reason.(Dialup)

Same modem and settings. Any ideas on what to check?

Posted on 2007-11-22 22:01:29 by skywalker
Many possible reasons:
1) your ISP simply degraded their services
2) damaged cables at your place
3) extra electromagnetic noise has been added near the cables
4) the quality of your phone-line has been degraded by technicians (narrowing the bandwidth to add more lines), or there are some technical problems with it.
5) worm-infested network

My connection and cable-modem were behaving strangely last week, and I realized reason 5) was in effect when virii started running on my PC. Security-updates of the OS, and a heavy-weight firewall with strict rules set cured it. It was interesting how my cable modem was resetting itself often, and having trouble reconnecting while I had no firewall.
Posted on 2007-11-24 00:44:38 by Ultrano
Degradation by my ISP seems to be the most likely source.
DL and UL speeds are still good which doesn't make sense.

Posted on 2007-11-24 13:16:14 by skywalker