id like to use a sysview to insert names with icons.
next i download some examples and iczelions tutorial.
now i have problems using this in tasm :(
all of the examples dont use a resource sysview and i dont find out how to create a single topic with one iconic entry.
next it seams the sysview dont use the commands a normal listbox use ,like getcursel and so.
if a entry has changed how can i then update the icon ?

i need it for my little webphone to make a userlist with online/offline icons.

if someone has a working example in tasm or know a place where i find infos about this ,please help :-)

i know this sounds lazy,but if i use now another day to learn about this sysview ,what is only for good looking programs ,i cant use this time today to code other stuff.
like others say : why reinvent the wheel twice

Posted on 2002-01-11 02:54:44 by Max
look in ur .inc files, im shure only the names would be wrong for the functions inside.
im also a hobby tasm coder and if u like, mail me so whe can change some infos about coding with tasm .-)
Posted on 2003-12-31 18:08:41 by xanthos