Hi to all!
I have a serious problem with my antique CD-Rom Drive - it's Edee 2x CD with isa interface. I cant make it read long filenames under Win32. It only workx with it's original DOS driver - but reads 8.3 filenames.
I concluded that I wont be able to make it read longfilenames until I develope a Win9x 32bit driver for this drive.
So my question is obvious now - any tutorials about CD Rom drivers? Perhaps one should provide a template or something, so I can make a jump start!
Thanx in advance!
Posted on 2002-01-11 03:52:33 by tlatev
1.See Iczelion's VxD drivers examples for Win9X, they are not very complicated, and pretty fast to make,

2.read about your Cd-ROM hardware ..... ouch.... from somewhere this will be the hard part :(

3.Once you have a working VxD (IMHO much easyer to be done and still can have 32 bit code) try makeing a SYS (kernel mode) driver... is ia only a special .DLL (PE file ) after all some special imports /exports / includes

Looks like a good tutorial ideea: Makeing kernel mode drivers in Win32ASM :)
Posted on 2002-01-11 12:11:57 by BogdanOntanu
Looks like a good tutorial ideea: Makeing kernel mode drivers in Win32ASM

Sound good, BogdanOntanu, let me know when you're done so I can read it ;).
Posted on 2002-01-11 12:14:43 by lackluster
Making a VXD? Easy. Making a KMD? Easy. Getting information on
the CD drive, and reading data from it? Not so hard.

Integrating your VXD with the 9x filesystem? Probably hard.
Integrating your KMD with the NT filesystem? Probably very hard.

You're probably better off buying a new drive - you can get good
drives *very* cheap today. Even I were able to get a 24x10x40
liteon burner...
Posted on 2002-01-11 13:38:34 by f0dder
Yeah, you could buy a new one except if you absolutly want to make a vxd. In France and surely in the other countries, you can find one at about 300 FF (French money), it's about 45 ?. In $, it may be about 40 $ I think (If I remember, 1 $ ~= 7.5 FF)
Posted on 2002-01-13 08:35:58 by Vom-bonjour:-()