Hi. I was reading NASM's manual and I came across this line about the %STRLEN macro:

4.2.1 String Length: %strlen
The %strlen macro is like %assign macro in that it creates (or redefines) a numeric value to a
macro. The difference is that with %strlen , the numeric value is the length of a string. An
example of the use of this would be:

%strlen charcnt ’my string’

In this example, charcnt would receive the value 8, just as if an %assign had been used.

Note the value 8! "My String" as a string is 9 bytes, not 8. I searched in the Internet and it seems like every type of NASM manual has this typo in it.
Posted on 2007-12-07 10:22:20 by XCHG
Thanks. I forwarded your find to the dev group. It should be fixed for the next release.
Posted on 2007-12-07 11:26:03 by SpooK