I was learning how to work with the %IFIDN macro in NASM and reading Bryan's reply to my previous post and I came across a very strange behavior in NASM, processing the %IFIDN macro. The behavior is when NASM does not process this macro if you put a space after its first parameter right before the coma separator. For example, the below code is correct:


But this code is NOT correct:


It took me 3 days to find the problem. Can you spot it? In the second code, I have a space coming after the %1 macro. I think this is more a bug than it is a feature. What do you think Spook? Others?
Posted on 2007-12-13 08:23:33 by XCHG
Off the bat, I think whitespace in that instance should have been accounted for and eliminated.

I've forwarded this to the dev group for analysis/resolution.
Posted on 2007-12-13 22:22:31 by SpooK
Thanks Spook. **== (We don't have our stars and stripes in here, do we?)
Posted on 2007-12-14 02:26:57 by XCHG