i used to use Masm32+M$ ODBC for quite a while. it's helpful. the only problems are

  • the database size is far too large (than its `head': .exe file);

  • i can not store or get large data (larger than 256 bytes) from *.mdb via masm.

maybe there is some guy can solve the second problem for me, and i'm still wish to know the answer.

meanwhile, i'm testing sqlite and find it's cute and powerful. the official website of sqlite is http://www.sqlite.org, where you can find the .dll and docs.

if you need lib and inc, please visit this url:
a very simple dictionary program is also included in the above post.

i also find some source codes in C for the beginers like me. please click the following url for further reading:

Posted on 2007-12-18 07:47:58 by zhihui
SQLite is pretty nice indeed, and if you don't need full SQL language support and want to use local database files (as opposed to a full-blown database server), I'd certainly pick SQLite myself instead of ODBC+Access(.mdb), unless there were specific project requirements for ODBC (and in that case, I'd try to convince against anyway).

Posted on 2007-12-18 08:16:44 by f0dder