Hello All,
I am fairly new to Assembly.
And before I continue Id also like to tell you all that I already know other Languages like C++, Perl, Pyton and tcl.
I normally do all my coding in C++ but I'd like to change that to Assembler asap.
Since I am also very Dyslectic. So reading the sentences in my code sometimes really annoys me.
That is why Assembly is so appealing to me:
mov eax h30D1
push eax

Well you know it better then me I guess.
And well I wonder how muchs Cons that Assembly has?
1. CPU Independent. And thats it?

Anyhow, after learning some basic commands. (mov, push, pop, sub, cmp, jmp, xor)
Id like to know, how can I write to a file or print any output?
Id love the idea if Assembly has the function to just use "print eax".
And well I know cmp is the if trigger in Assembly. But I do not get when you use true and when you have false.
and, well my book has for example a command called Print.
But I noticed that when I try to compile it with nasm on Gentoo linux I dont have that?
So, is it also OS independent? Do you all think its smart to learn Assembly this time and age?
Anyhow, I just like to know how I can write to screen, capture data from keyboard and read/write from file.
Since then you nearly have everything for the first basic programs.
Any advice for a Dyslectic C++ programmer to learn Asm.

Well, Thanks already.

Posted on 2008-01-16 08:53:36 by RobinVossen
Check out ObjAsm32 - it's asm , but it looks like C++, kinda... it might be your "in" to our world :)
Posted on 2008-01-17 04:51:22 by Homer