Does anyone know where I can download a good assembler?
Posted on 2002-01-11 13:36:39 by easye21
You could look for words like: "MASM", "NASM", "TASM", "SpASM", etc... on your favorite search engine. What's your idea of a good assembly compiler? look at the links section for hutch--'s MASM package, probably the easiest for win32 asm, but then again, I have limited experiance with the other compilers.....
Posted on 2002-01-11 14:28:22 by lackluster - get hutch's masm32 package. It's quite
complete, with lots of examples and helps, and even a sorta okay
editor. Microsoft's masm (ml.exe, link.exe, and whatnot) are included.
This is *legal*, and convenient.

nasm can be good for some projects. I like it when I mess around
with executables (reversing, protection writing, etc), and it can be
useful in OS development as well, as some of the "funky constructs"
are a lot cleaner and lot less kludgy in nasm than masm. Also, if you
collect "quite a bunch" of macros, nasm can be almost as comfortable
to program in asm masm. Just can't really see the use for that, since
masm *is* more comfortable :).

Tasm? Puey, who cares. It's not available for free, legally. And it
could be hard getting your hands on a legal copy (especially if you
don't have one of those plastic cards that make online shopping easy :-/).

Might be worth to check out spasm or fasm, but masm has the largest
user base. Check out the various stuff yourself and find out what
you like the best.
Posted on 2002-01-12 04:35:53 by f0dder