I am relative new to Win32 and have done some assembly in DOS. I downloaded RadAsm and used the wizard to create a dialog with tab controls. RadAsm setup three pages with edit boxes and buttons. I changed the first two pages replacing with group boxes, edit boxes and buttons using the tools available in RadAsm. Upon assemblied, the program worked, i.e. you can have direct access to the controls.

However, when I press RETURN, the program terminates. When I press the tab, it always focus on one of the buttons, that was predefined by the wizard. When I used WM_CHAR or WM_KEYUP/DOWN, TAB or RETURN key cannot be detected. I put a MessageBox in WM_CLOSE to check if the dialog is close, but the MessageBox is never called.

I added a listview in tne third page. After compilation, the controls no longer worked upon start-up. The tab shows the listview control after each click on the different page tabs. I can gain control/access to the pages after I clicked the page tabs in sequence and that is when the page controls appear.

Can someone please explain to me why does this happen? I will upload any of my code if anyone can is interested to view it. Thanks..greenhorn
Posted on 2008-02-10 06:59:08 by greenhorn
Upload the complete project, please.
Posted on 2008-02-10 07:05:51 by XCHG

I used 7-zip to zip it up. It is the whole project which has been modified - more or less working but,quiks here and there because of the listview. I am now learning how to copy to clipboard. I used RadAsm, so pls unzip into a temporary directory. There are two sub-directories.

Thanks for your reply and appreciate your looking at it. ..greenhorn
Posted on 2008-02-10 20:57:30 by greenhorn
Hi XChg,

I looked through the tabcontrol.rc and for IDD_DLG2, there is CAPTION "IDD_DLG1007" which does not appear when the resource is compiled and the program executed. Same for IDD_DLG3 but not for IDD_DLG1. Why?

Posted on 2008-02-12 18:33:08 by greenhorn