below is my code..
i need to make this code read 3 digit and add it..
i know i lack a loop here..
i tried to make a loop but it didn't work.
So here it is the original one that i made, that is working and reads one digit.
The only prob here when you input the number it wont jump to a new line instead it replaces the char you just inputted.
thank you in advance.

jmp main

ask db 0ah,0dh,'Input the Number and Press Enter: ',0ah,0dh,'$'

input1 db 2,?,3 dup(20h)
input2 db 2,?,3 dup(20h)


mov ax, 03h
        int 10h

lea dx, ask
mov ah, 09h
int 21h

mov ah,0ah
mov dx,offset input1
int 21h

mov si,offset input1
add si,2
mov bl,b

mov ah,0ah
mov dx,offset input2
int 21h

mov di,offset input2
add di,2
mov bh,b

add bh,bl
sub bh,30h
mov ah,02
mov dl,bh
int 21h

int 20h

Posted on 2008-03-06 07:24:57 by bl00ger