7 years ago, a user named Xtreme posted an "Web Browser Control". Did someone have this controll and post it here or to my email?


Did anyone now how to use the InternetExolorer.Application ActiveX in the Asm? perhaps with Example: Navigate, ad Click event?
Posted on 2008-03-06 07:27:52 by Zivarok
Use atl.dll - the easiest way to host any ocx control.
First at all, call AtlAxWinInit() to register two window classes. Then you may create window with class name "AtlAxWin" or "AtlAxWinLic" for licensed controls.
As window name pass control's CLSID, ProgID, an url or just "about:blank".
Instead opening a window, you may call AtlAxCreateControl(Ex) or AtlAxAttachControl

Call AtlAxGetControl to receive the IUnknown of your control, or AtlAxGetHost to receive IUnknown of the host (to extend it by subclassing the QueryInterface method).
Subclassing the QueryInterface is very usefull if you are hosting the browser, and do not wish to see script debugging popups.

Prototypes are defined in atliface.h, you can 'google' for this header. The "AtlAxWin" class can be used directly in .rc script, just remember to call AtlAxWinInit before opening the first dialog.
FONT 8,"MS Sans Serif",0,0
STYLE 0x50010000
  CONTROL "about:blank",IDC_BROWSER,"AtlAxWin",0x50310000,26,33,54,50
  CONTROL "",IDC_TOOLBAR,"ToolbarWindow32",0x50000901,0,0,200,17
Posted on 2008-03-07 07:13:18 by sapero