I need to convert pdf to jpg and bmp for some purpose and I want to do it in assembly (or C/C++/ java). Obviously I will have to use some pdf pasing library/SDK. So do you guys know of any good one ?

Or any other method of parsing pdf file without using any library ?
Posted on 2008-05-22 16:30:49 by shakuni
I've seen and used a lot of PDF libraries but they were usually for creating PDFs.  But regardless I don't think any of them had the ability to output to graphic file formats (except maybe multidocument TIFF)

I know Adobe provides a developer kit that let's you automate Acrobat.  That might be the easiest and most reliable solution.
You'll probably have to know COM to use the automation interface so good luck with that.
Posted on 2008-05-30 23:45:47 by iblis

there are virtual printer drivers that will output to PDF... there might be virtual printers for BMP/TIF/whatever output as well? That might be the easiest route. Otherwise, perhaps take a look at Sumatra PDF source code... it's not a quick-and-easy solution and you'll probably have a lot of work before you, but it's probably less bother than porting xpdf to windows.
Posted on 2008-05-31 04:32:25 by f0dder