Hi everybody :)

I usually find all what I want on this forum about MASM and widely about ASM, but this time, no solution..

Here's my question : I've got a website. Containing an HTML page, with pics, text, hyperlinks, etc ... quickly, a page. :)

So, I wanted to grab my page from the site, and show it into a program, like some launchers ( ie WoW, Archlord, mainly MMORPG use it )

I've heard of Richedit, but don't know how to use them ... I usually code into the "system" part :) I've tried to search onto the board & here, but ... it's annoying, theses words are often used together, without the relation I'm looking for :)

Anyone get an idea ?

Thanks in advance,

Posted on 2008-05-22 19:25:53 by Kalter
This is generally done by embedding a Browser control in your application's GUI.
Posted on 2008-05-22 19:43:03 by Homer
Or writing your own browser...

Of course, someone who seems to be as new to programming as Kalter does is not very likely going to be able to do that.
Posted on 2008-05-28 08:56:47 by Bobbias
Ketil has an example of a browser control on his site, no? Under RadAsm projects look for WebBrowser.
Posted on 2008-05-28 09:26:15 by JimmyClif
There is (attached) NASM example that uses atl.dll as the host. It uses AtlAxWinInit to register 'AtlAxWin' window class, AtlAxGetControl to get the browser's IUnknown, then thank AtlAdvise we can receive browser notifications.
Posted on 2008-05-28 13:15:33 by sapero
Now that everyone has explained how bad of an idea it is, and how there are easier ways to do this.. If you still want to be stubborn and use RichEdit to display your web page rather than a browser control. What you need to do is download the content to a temporary location, convert the HTML to RTF then read the rich text into your control. If you need a little help writing the html2rtf conversion utility, check out http://slackware.osuosl.org/slackware-8.1/source/ap/ksh93/ast-base.2001-10-31.tgz. Inside is a file called (ironically enough) html2rtf.c that can help you. For a quick look at this file check out:


Hopefully looking over this file has discouraged you from attempting to go this route, but if not. More power to you mate! :D

Bryant Keller
Posted on 2008-05-28 13:21:58 by Synfire
Wow, that is the ugliest "usage" section I've ever seen.
Posted on 2008-05-30 13:22:50 by Bobbias