I've been away a long time.  I see new board software (again), new domain name, and a lot of new faces, and some old faces too.  Hello f0dder, bitRAKE, NaN, Homer, donkey, and any others I've forgotten.

I don't do much ASM anymore.  In fact I'm ashamed to admit after looking through some of the posts here that I've gotten a bit rusty.  :sad:

Nevertheless I think it's awesome that this community is still alive and thriving.  I think all of these newfangled bandwagon "Web 2.0" developers and their snooty disdain for what they would ignorantly call "archaic" languages pose a threat to the longetivity of assembly language and other lower level languages.  But a community like this one keeps the language alive and I'm very happy to see that.

There's that old meme: "Real programmers use X language", and I know it's been debated to death, but I think with Assembly Language there might just be a smidgeon of truth to it.  :)

Humbly yours,
Posted on 2008-05-28 23:59:49 by iblis
Welcome back, iblis! :)
Posted on 2008-05-29 07:08:10 by f0dder
G'day :)
Posted on 2008-05-29 18:47:16 by Homer
Greetings and Salutations Iblis!
Posted on 2008-05-29 20:18:46 by Synfire
Welcome back, iblis.

Everyone falls off the face off the earth someday... I had quite long periods of time where I travelled and didn't do nothing for months on end... It comes back fast once you put your mind to it... All you need is a project now.. How about a program that makes toast?
Posted on 2008-05-30 18:25:01 by JimmyClif
JimmyClif how could I forget!

And Hello and thanks Synfire!

I will try to stick around longer this time.  No promises though!
Posted on 2008-05-30 20:27:49 by iblis
Hello iblis!

I seem to remember you from somewhere.  ;)
Posted on 2008-05-30 21:27:07 by roticv