I want to present here library of the calendar functions written by me with FASM.

Functions exported from this DLL library give the programmer some abilities:

  • works with dates from the interval of 11 million years:

    • from 1 Jan 5843880 BCE to 3 Aug 5915100 for the Julian calendar,

    • from 30 Dec 5844001 BCE to 17 Jan 5915222 for the Gregorian calendar,

  • convenient conversions between Julian and Gregorian calendars for dates from supported time interval,

  • calculation of the day of the week for the given date,

  • calculation of the number of the day in the year,

  • determining if the given year is leap in chosen calendar,

  • calculation of the "absolute" day number for the given date (it could be used to calculation of the distance between two dates).

Here you can download source of the library (encoded in UTF-8), compiled DLL and description in PDF file.

Project's homepage: http://mikhajduk.houa.org/EN/Calendar.php

Because library was described in 3 language versions here you have also:
Posted on 2008-06-18 12:02:11 by MHajduk