Hy Peoples,

sorry for my advertising but, i had think i call the best
Programmers to help on Reactos, ma by dont know the one
or other nothing about Reactos, for this is this Post.
At first, i dont be a Programmer, but i know, who i become
help on persons who want have a free open System
and a System who can work by self on it with open Codes
to make a better System as have MS.. Reactos.org it's the kind of it.
The ones or other had show my writes or other things who i had
make in my 17 Jears of computer using. I am a user of your programs
used and i see, it is a need to have a Win32 or 64 with a fasm or other
subsystems . ( i am at moment a Linuxuser and wait for reactos.org)
It can be it in Reactos too, i think.
For more informations please call Fireball at reactos.org.

or go http://www.reactos.org

Administrators ,please , let this post stay i know, it's not direcktly over
asm-programming, but it is a Win32 System and Reactos need help.
Reactos is a Reaction against Microsoft on Open Source and for anybody.
All can help to make a Balance, Open Source and honor Systems.

Together, everyone can help with programming.

Best regards ! HTP


Posted on 2008-07-16 01:08:29 by Blackcrack
The post can stay, but I'm moving it to Recruitment.
Posted on 2008-07-16 01:17:13 by Homer
Hy :)

uuppss, thy Homer, i did not see that give a  Recruitment Board *s*

thank you very mutch :)

best regards
Posted on 2008-07-16 01:31:59 by Blackcrack