I want to present here program SimPaGen which is a simple in use, small and very flexible application for password creation. Written with FASM utility makes easier generation of safe passwords used for logging on various forums, e-mail accounts and other sites.

Simple animation presenting program SimPaGen execution:

Created passwords consist of characters belonging to any combination of these four predefined categories:

  • letters A, ..., Z,

  • letters a, ..., z,

  • digits 0, ..., 9,

  • underscore symbol '_'

and the user-defined character set. Number of all possible non-empty character sets is equal to 2^224-1 (number of all non-empty subsets of the set containing symbols with hexadecimal codes from 0x20 to 0xFF). Maximal length of the generated password is equal to 9999 characters. Created password is copied into the clipboard by pushing the button

Special hotkey WIN + F12 defined by application, generates a new password and copies it into the clipboard (also if the application window is not active).

Program settings such as length of the created passwords and password character set are saved in the registry key


when the application ends.

Application uses CryptoAPI functions from 'advapi32.dll' library in order to gain "cryptographically random" sequence of the password characters.

Source file of the application contains embedded data of the manifest and the program icons.

Program is an example of the edit fields subclassing method.

Here you can download application with source file encoded in UTF-8.

Project's homepage: http://mikhajduk.houa.org/EN/SimPaGen.php

Because program was described in 3 language versions here you have also:

Program tested under Windows XP SP3.
Posted on 2008-08-18 11:17:52 by MHajduk
Nice :). With just a bit of more code it can do even better things, like generating the same password for a given URL and same large file (used as hashing+randomness)
Posted on 2008-08-21 22:40:24 by Ultrano
Thanks for your comment. :)

Yes, I plan to add some features to the next version of this application. Every suggestion is welcome. :)
Posted on 2008-08-22 02:59:10 by MHajduk
New version of SimPaGen application available.

Additions and changes:

[+] added button which copies password from the application edit field to the clipboard,

[+] added hotkey WIN + F12 which generates new password and copies it to the clipboard (hotkey works also if application window is not active),

[+] added possibility of saving actual program settings (password length and password character set) in the Windows registry,

simplified and corrected operations on the array which defines characteristic function of the password character set.
For the download links see the first post of this thread.
Posted on 2008-09-17 15:20:47 by MHajduk